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game nats natsthe ravens get crushed in texxs.... but the oneebright spot of the ggmm. 3get paid cash for you old much you could get for your phone at this one-of-a kind -t-m. and.. tim tebbw gets hii very pwn trademark.but why he probbbll won'' mmke any money off his signature move. 333 3 3 monday, october 22nd 3
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3 3 3 3 3 3 breaking news out of federal hill... where fire crews and medics are on the scene f a fire that broke out just over an hour ago.joel d. smith is live with whaa weere just now learninn about any injuries.joe? joel? 3 -3 3 3joel? joel? 3
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a weekend shooting is still morning.a 199year-old man was afternoon near east hoffman later died at a hospitall according to the baltimoreesun there have been 75 homicides year....compared to a total of 198 for all of last year. investigating the ddadly shooting of a 60-year-old man in west baltimore over the happened avenue and gaarison boulevarr. police found the maa suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. anyone with inforration should call poliie. the city policeedepartment is taking a closer look at program that givvs select powerssthe guards... referred
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to as "special police"... have the oppion to detain suspectss or make arrests in certain situatioos.however, baltimore pplice are re-evaluating... filed acccsing "special pplice" oo overrttpping their &pboundaries and violating civi get any traininggfrom ""don'' baltimore or state police.they work at places like shopping ceeters and partment pomplexes. the prince eorge's county caae... centered around the universityyof maryland.a total of 3-point-6 million dollars will be distributed amongg10 people who were either hurt or fflsely arrested during a &ppost-game celebration t the school after the basketball majority of the money will go to john mckenna... thh formee maryland student wwo ccught on camerr bbinn beattn by oliie. he'll get 2-millioonon friday, charggs...but officer james harrison was convicted off2-nd
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there waa a deadly shooting sundayyat a salon in suburban andrew spencer peports... a gunman killed othees before apparently takkng his own life. life. thh shooting happened late sunday morning at theeaaana palon salon innbrookfield, wisconssn. mppoyees told walk in carrying a gun.they asked if he was goiig to rob them...and he started shot... three of them killed.- &pbrookfield'' police chief ay the guuman was 45-year ld rrdcliffe haughhoo. he the one suspect we believe is .- ressonsible for shootings &ptoday is deceased, we believe ittto be self inflicced repeat are not seeking any adddtional suspects. our coomunity can feel safe, ssutheasttrn wisconsin can feel ssfe in this seeking any customers are waitinn for e - information on the victims. this woman....worried about her hair mom haa beenntexting e sayinn she workssin the first, ou know, one oo the first sttling spots pust where she issso i'mm
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hopiig shees okay but we don't know. police believe the domestic dispute between - haughton and hhs wife, who wooked at the salon. haughtonn tiressoutside the saloo more than two weeks ago. and she restraining order aaainst him. accordinn to the milwaukee journal sentinel.. haughton wanted to llave wisccnsin.. and join hii aaher ii fllrrda. quote... "whatever you do.. don't do anythhng stupid." i'm andrew spencer reporting police areesttll working to &pidenttfy the victims... and it is not clear if haughhon's wiff was killed.the wounded were taken to the hospital critical condition sunday night, anothhr was in patisfactory cooddtion, a third was being stabilized and will unddrgo surgery, and thee fourth was been admitted but will not need surgery. just hours from now... we could learn whether or noo lance armstrong will be stripped of his 7 toor de fraace titles.the inteenational cycling union
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will hold a news conference this morninn in switzerland.... in esponse to the -s &panti-doping aggecy's report o thh champion cyclist.the u-s-a-d-a says armstrong was sophisticated, ppofessionalized and successful doping program." armstrong has repeatedly deniid the claims. tim tebow is cashing in on the popular "tebowing" pose... that went viral last season. the former denner bronco trademarked the move... which tebbo has toll manyye... bowed publications he has no intent on profiting off the pose... way.ust doesn't want people to 3 3 theeravens and texans battled it out sunday foo he best record n the a-f-c... but it wasn't much of a fight. fight.fiirt qqarter....avens lead 3-2.matt schaub hits kevin walter for the 255yard
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touchdown.schaab threw two on one to the texans asswell.... and he had 5 passes tipped by the ferocious houston deffnse...this oneeinterrepted by jonathan joseph, and he tookkit 52 yards foo a touchhown.houston led 29-3 at texans mount another r....he - it wwtt thissone yard run.juut the texxns win 43-13.there was suggs was back on the field, wws also in the locker room he aaterwwrds... along with coach john harbaugh. sot ravens ost: harbaugh it's the nfl, itssone llss. its the nfl, we came in with good intentions.we came in ready toodo battle, i hought our guys fought. we kept &prunning n, and thee kept throwing us out/. ... suggs. theres no sugar coating it, call a spade a spade, they whooped our ass. these were two teams coming
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off eemtional disaapointtents, " the ravens do not play of 3 against 4th - &pare you our biggest fan?then you can become.. our fan of the day! everyday we'll piik one f ourrviewwrs from our facebook pagee.. and feature them on foxx5 news at 55to become a fan just go to our facebook page....facebook dot com slash foxballimore. coming up on thh early night sky.... a raree sght ii t- sky.thh meteor showee that happens once a year. 3 ((breaa 1)) 3
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a rare sight over england thii weekend... for those n the northern hemisphhre... who looked into the sky overnight... they may have &pseen this....the orionid meteor shower."it happees each octooer... and it's caused by the earth intersecting the dust trail from halley's cooet. thh flashes areeparts of the earth's atmosphere. the ((2-shot toss to ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3
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3 ((traffii reporter ad libs)) &pmap 395 map 43 map 40 3ap
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3 33
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still to come... recycling oldd cell phones. phhnes.the enviroomentally- frienddy a-t-m's that could soon be ccming to yyur &ppeighborhooo. saying goodbye... to a long-time aryland politician. the weel-known state officials who onored clarence mmtchell the third. ((break 2))
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teacher: this is west virginia, pennsylvania, delaware. and this is maryland. every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty million
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gaming at casinos in these other states. question seven will build a new casino and bring table games to baltimore... generating hundreds of millions for schools. and that money has to go to education. it's the law. so vote for question seven. so we can stop spending all that money here, and keep maryland money in classrooms like mine. p memorial seevice wassheld sunday for formee state senator larence mitchell the tthrd.jenniffe gilbert has more on the loog-time maryland politician and civil riggts leader who died earlier thiss month... affer a long battle with cancer. cancer. (outside f churcc witt naas of music underneath)at shhrp street memoriil in west baltimoree....marrland's 11 04 04clarence mitchell's -)
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epic in puulic service was the bellef that service to community is tte rent we pay for our space on this earth. clareece mitchell thh thhrd.... part oo a politically pooerful &pfamily.... became the nation' youngest black legislator, when hh was elected to the ggneral assembly attthe age off 22. (sot mikulski)11 11 44 llggcy is hat youudd with your life, and how you make history. and certainly clarence mitchell the third made history. mmichell intrrduced grrondbreaking desegregation legislation..... requirrng the state's resautants and hotels tooserve blaccs and white equally.he pould serve more than 20 years in the general assembly.and cardin)11 07 52ann i remember &paffer etting some rogress made he would give me that smile and thumbs up,,aad that's when i knew that i'd done good.mitchell's lifeewas served 18 monthhsin federal
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prison forrinterfering with a ccrruption investigation.but &ptodayywas a day for remembering his contributions..... and legacy in maryland politics. (sot mayor)11 21 22without the contribbtion of clarence mitchell the thhrd, the members of hii generation and manyyof us who are here, would not be here today.clareene 3 mitchell the third, was 72 years old. a scholarship fuud in established at morgan sttte university. straight ahhad....getting aa fair offer... n your olddphone. phone.the instant cash beiig given out... by a new kind of aat--. 3(break 3)))-
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with your old cell phones?some people put them in a drawer &pand forget about them.fewer people, by far, end ttem way bettee way that can put money
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in your daa simon reports, you can get instant cash for your old electronics. it's as simple as viiiting an a. ptanduu -- so you've upgraded to the new iphone 5. what do youudo with your old phone? well, there's now an easy way to sell it to get caah rrght on the your device in the center of he test stttion--- ffce p please.its called the eco atm.. it's a phone, offers you a price and if youuaccept -- shells out money. standup -- so this is aa iphone 3g. it's a few years wear and tear. we'lll ut it in - the machine and see how much cash it wants to give me.using cameras and artificial intelligence, the kioskkcan recognize about 4,000 devices. it also accepts old mp3 pllyers and looks at everything from scrrtches on thh screen to the memory conditionn.nd innless than a best price i cann ind.makes me
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an offer.standup -- it says not a remennous amounttof money, but i'm going to ay yee. so i'm going to hit the &pgreen button, seel my device. we put inna range of phones toooseeetheir worth. the newer prrce.this oldee blackberry would only fetch 6 dollars at the most. but an iphone 4s would bring in 20. users cann there's no negotiating.tom tullie is theeceo of the san diego-baaed company.he says when studies showed hat only 3 percent of phonee worlddide were re-used or recycled for parts.these guys are making sure aal the phones work, company makes it money by that are broken or too old are senn to recyclers who value the metaas inside.stannup -- &pso ow it's asking for my & humb print which is goi
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be mm signature.back t the scanned my drivers license. it selling of stolen ddne -- the machine takes the phone and ddssenses the monee. users lso have the optionnof giving a portion or all of it to variouu chhrities.i love &pfiiding a new home for old devices.ii you haven't seen one of these machines yet -- will soon.riihttnow, they have - 185 of them in 11 statee -- ppanted in malls and grocerr ptores.but in the nnxt couple of years -- they hope o have thhosands deployed all over the country.making this a &pold smart phone.don't forget your license. nissan is recalling nearly 14- thousand cars ttdaa... fter discovering loose bolts... that could lead to a crash.the altiia vvhicces... made beeween may 10th and july 26th. owners are encouraged to takee
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theii car to a dealer for coming up... wicked weather... county.the possible tornado jarrettsville.hrough 3 3 3 3 3 3 jarrettsvvlle. 3
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presidential the candidates are 3
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3 3 3 3 3 3 3 p3 3 33 3 p

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